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Jolene Loreno is a Florida-based stage manager. Contrary to popular belief, she was not named after the Dolly Parton song (though she does agree that it is a good song). She is not tall enough to ride all the roller coasters at Six Flags.

Over the years, Jolene has worked with a variety of cast sizes in a variety of scales and environments: community theatre, children's theatre, outdoor theatre, regional theatre, and theme park entertainment. Aside from stage management, she has also worked other technical theatre positions such as master electrician and props master. She has explored the design aspect of theatre, dabbling in projection design and playwriting.

Jolene is a graduate of Palm Beach Atlantic University, where she received her bachelor of arts in Theatre Arts. When she isn't at the theatre, she enjoys reading, writing, traveling, and playing with her cat, Turkey. She has been to four different continents.

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References available upon request!

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Current Projects

Jolene is currently working as Staff Props Lead for Palm Beach Atlantic University. She is also working as a stage manager for the Greene School's 2024 production of Madagascar.

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